We aim to provide Quality Service and Protection

Our aim to provide a safe and secure campus that will create and maintain safety of clients 24*7 days

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24/7 Site and Telephone Support

Our goal is to provide highest quality security service to our client.We offer 24/7 on site response and Telephone Support to client.

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Excellent Customer Service

We provide excellent and diligent service to customer on a daily basis. Our 24-hour monitoring facility allows us to receive calls and dispatch.

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Polite and helpfull staff

Our staffs are well qualified, trained providing quality service. All task are done evidently even during the bad weather conditions.

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Our company working
as a security firm providing value added services to clients.

We provide highest level of service for long and short term security needs.The key function of our service is protection of life,protection of property and premises.We also offers quick responses when emergency.

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Are you looking for a Reliable,Quality,Cost effective service?


We are providing reliable,quality,cost effective security service to our customers with the help of our well-trained professionals having ample knowledge to handle different circumstances. We work 24 hours a day to create peace on mind for our clients.Call us at 9637896162.
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Our Services

We offers end to end better security services to your organisation to reduce burden of cost.


We are providing integrated electronic devices to protect your home against burglars and introdures.Home security includes sensonrs placed to entry point of home.We also provide wired and wireless security cameras.You can able to manage home remotely.


To protect business from employee theft security is important.We provide excellent service to protect your office from internal and external theft.This technology cannot only improve safety but can reduce fraud.Main objective to ensure unwanted people and theft who would seek to cause harm to your steal property are stopped from entering the office.


In this service we are providing cleaning,home maintenance.that is disposing of rubbish,cleaning dirty serfaces,dusting and vacuuming.It also involves outdoor activities such as removing leaves from rain gutters,washing windows,door etc.


Security guard prevent unwanted persons from entering through the front entrance.They protect vehicals in parking also.Main duty of security guard is secure premises,monitoring serveillance equipment ,inspecting buildings.They focus on preventing crime.


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point (P2P), point to multipoint, or mesh wireless links.


We at BSF Services are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing services based on effective and efficient quality management systems. Our aim would be to continually review and upgrade our systems processes and ensure consistent training of our employees.

What People say

Awesome Services!

We are using BSF security service since from last 2 years for our business security.SJF team members are trained,experienced and responds always on time.They always provided a top quality service and try to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, highly recommended for reliable security.

John Donas


100% satisfied customer!

I 100% recommend this company for quality and cost effective security service.I am impressed with SJF team members as they provide us security in different situation.Thank you SJF for excellent service provided by you.I have recommend this service to my friends also.

Donas Jack


we are safe with BSF!

I am pleased with performance of SJF security service.Because SJF provides proffessional,experienced,trained staff,quality,cost effective service to protect us from theft and introdures.I highly recommend SJF service for your business security.Thank you SJF.

Mikel Hussy


Great Team. Great Service. Highly Recommended.

We've been using BSF Security Services for nearly two years now for our business premises.The owner understands our business and our requirements and ensures that we have the best possible service at all times. The team are professional, always on time, friendly and experienced.I would highly recommend using BSF Security Services.

Hiker jons